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Where is the sweet spot for monetization?

I’ve been sighted on this niche for many, many years. “Advertisers are increasingly looking for targeted ad programs that reach specific groups, and the reality is that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and web-native publishers are seen as

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Tech sites to watch

(Just the beginning of a list) “The Var Guy” – VAR, MSP and solutions provider news (@@RWW) Smashing Magazine (@SmashingMag) “Hot Topics” from SitePoint TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) ZDNet (@ZDnet) – “Where technology meets business. The best in information technology, hardware,

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Ext Designer | Sencha

Sencha: Getting Started Guide Designer – Demo ScreenCast Learning Center Forum see also Ext JS Overview and Ext JS API Reference

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IDEs for PHP and MySQL

NetBeansstuff: What got me to try NetBeans rather than just carrying on with Eclipse: “NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta for PHP Developers” by Stephen Cronin at Also by Stephen: “PHP Performance Profiling With APD On Windows“ Oracle Secure Enterprise Search

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Reading various social (20AUG2012)

Reading 20AUG2012 1 Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions? | Video on William K. Black: Romney Takes His Political Inspiration From Europe’s Worst Mistakes Bob Cesca: Debunking Romney’s Viral Medicare Lie Steve’s XeeMe Writers

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Various geek stuff

16 Helpful Tutorials for Creating WordPress Plugins Trying on the new Dynamic Views from Blogger Great jQuery plugins for fresh websites | Webdesigner Depot A Primer on Ajax in the WordPress Dashboard – Laying the Foundation | Wptuts+ Functionality: Plugins

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“Think is just a Twitter clone? Then you’re missing the point” in Tech News and Analysis; comment by Darren Bounds “How Can Change Everything” by Orian Marx

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