“5 Things I Love About HTML5”

by Viki Hoo
HTML is the predominant markup language for web pages. We could convey the message of web page layout, content, effects, and so on, through HTML.
As the latest version of its series, HTML5 is revolutionizing the web. Although HTML5 hasn’t been set as the standard yet, its new features have already touched our hearts.

via @SitePointdotcom

from the same SitePoint newsletter:

  • 10 Top CSS Design Resources” by Tara Hornor  – A one-stop shop for CSS resources, including useful references, services, and tools to make your stylesheets sing.
  • Responsive Web Design” by Katrien De Graeve – How can we adapt one web page to suit many types of devices? An introduction to CSS media queries and the emerging field of responsive web design.
  • 5 Principles of User-Centered Interface Design” by Adrian Jones – “Key factors for determining a website’s success are its usability and utility.” Five principles to guide you in building websites that appeal to the eye and put the user’s experience first.
  • Ban the Bloat: Reasons to Watch Your Page Weight” by Craig Buckler – In the 12 months up to December, total web page file sizes grew by 25%. Why is this the case, and what should we be doing about it?

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