Of society and pathology

  • What Really Caused the Eurozone Crisis?” (Part 1) in The Street Light via @umairh

    “I’ve been doing some work on gaining a better understanding of the root causes of eurozone (EZ) debt crisis.”

  • Pretty Much Everyone Is Fat” at Wired Science

    “[O]besity prevalence ranged from 20.7% in Colorado to 34.9% in Mississippi in 2011. No state had a prevalence of obesity less than 20%. 39 states had a prevalence of 25% or more; 12 of these states had a prevalence of 30% or more” –Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Building a civil economy” at openDemocracy.net

    Game theory or gift society? The narcissistic vision of the homo oeconomicus has failed to acknowledge long-documented evidence of the primacy of cooperation. In this Friday essay, Adrian Pabst explores the liberating potential of an anthropologically informed economics for the age of austerity.

  • Global Warming and the Meaning of Doom” by Deepak Chopra (HuffPost)

    “Alarming data and warnings about climate change have been with us for twenty years. The issue has morphed into something like a low-level toothache. The public is numbed by all the bad news, and in place of sensible solutions, we witness the folly of political polarization. You can’t believe in climate change and be a good conservative. This departure from fact-based reality is only part of the problem.”

  • Can Having Too Much Stuff Stress You Out?” via @Etsy

    according to their findings, the average family is drowning in clutter. ”What we have is a time capsule of America,” says Jeanne E. Arnold, lead author and anthropologist for the research team. “No other study has been done like this.” Photographs in the book reveal garages filled to the ceiling with boxes, old toys, lawn equipment and housewares. In fact, the researchers found that 75% of the houses surveyed had garages so chock-full of stuff, there was no room for a car.”

  • A Friendly Debate with a Conservative Colleague About Climate” from Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy

    “My friend and colleague Steve Bainbridge is out with a new article on “Corporate Lawyers as Gatekeepers,” which, if you are interested in corporate law, you should read (Steve is one of the country’s most distinguished scholars in the field). But what piqued my interest when he sent it to me was his offhand remark that he is sending it out electronically to’reduce my carbon footprint.'”

  • Infrastructure: Coming apart at the seams” (Economist.com) via @TimOReilly

    “Obviously, this society has the resources to keep its roads and bridges in good repair. In fact, it has an oversupply of manpower and equipment to do so, much of which is currently sitting around idle due to the depressed economy. We can presume that homeowners and taxpayers in this region want to have their bridges and roads back in the reasonably decent shape they were in ten years ago, so they can drive on them without knocking their wheels out of alignment. So why aren’t they fixing them?”

  • Creating a World Worth Inheriting” via Peak Prosperity

    “… just another way of saying that very big changes are coming our way. In fact, they are here already.
    The simple conclusion is that we must either change our habits and ways on our own terms — or on Nature’s. We face a future that will be shaped either by disaster or design.”


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