MOOC Resources 1 – 17SEP2012

  1. Class2Go, Stanford's newest (and open source) MOOC platform | EdSurge News
  2. The Next Step Forward
  3. Can Educational Research Be Both Rigorous and Relevant?
  4. openHPI
  5. How to MOOCify your course and why you should do it: Reasons, skills and tools #moocmooc [update]
  6. What’s right and what’s wrong about Coursera-style MOOCs
  7. elearn Magazine: What MIT Should Have Done
  8. if Foucault ran a MOOC |
  9. Notes on technology behind cMOOCs: Show me your aggregation architecture and I’ll show you mine JISC CETIS MASHe
  10. Good MOOC's, Bad MOOC's – Brainstorm – The Chronicle of Higher Education
  11. Berkeley to Offer Free Online Classes on EdX –
  12. “What should we do about MOOCs?” — the Board of Governors discusses
  13. Massive online learning and the unbundling of undergraduate education « Benjamin Lima
  14. Brainstorm in Progress: Why MOOCs Work
  15. Professors without borders
  16. Digital dawn: open online learning is just beginning
  17. Massive List of MOOC Resources, Lit and Literati | Sonic Foundry Blog
  18. The Massive Open Online Professor | Academic Matters
  19. Observations about learning, knowledge and technology: Research publications on Massive Open Online Courses and Personal Learning Environments
  20. course-builder – Course Builder – Google Project Hosting
  21. Course Builder Intro Video – YouTube
  22. Power Searching with Google — Inside Search — Google

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