Sources 11DEC2012

  1. Government News, Research and Events for Federal Employees –
  2. Exclusive Opinion, Commentary and Op-ed from today's Top Economists and Public Intellectuals – Project Syndicate
  3. DemocracySpot – Myths and realities about effective civil society participation, transparency and accountability
  4. Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia
  5. Freakonomics
  6. Collaborative Innovation
  7. NCoC
  8. United Nations Department of Political Affairs – Promoting Peaceful, Political Solutions to Conflict
  9. UN DESA | United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  10. IPU Assembly
  11. Chris Hedges& Columns – Truthdig
  12. David E. Sanger – The New York Times
  13. Socratic News
  14. Munk Debates – Iran's Nuclear Ambitions
  15. Blogs – Global Ethics Network
  16. Canada Politics
  17. PolitiFact | The Message Machine
  18. Tag: Politics – WNYC
  19. Intelligence – CNN Security Clearance – Blogs
  20. Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) | Understanding News in the Information Age
  21. Home – Global Institute For Tomorrow
  22. Debate Topics | An online community and debate forum |
  23. 21st Century Statecraft
  24. Air and Space Power Journal – Archives
  25. Restorative Revolution | Restorative Justice That Informs and Inspires
  26. Word Policy Conference
  27. RealClearPolitics – Opinion, News, Analysis, Videos and Polls
  28. The Baffler
  29. The Immanent Frame
  30. Daily Kos: The Owners Are Getting Scared
  31. David Remnick: Naftali Bennett and Israel’s Rightward Shift : The New Yorker
  32. Global Conflict Analysis

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