Future Journalism 7May2013

  1. ProConIt
  2. VUE Weekly :: Proconit
  3. Future Journalism Project
  4. About the Future Journalism Project
  5. FJP People – Future Journalism Project
  6. The FJP — How We Follow Breaking News A lot is happening in…
  7. Outbrain Content Discovery – A Future Journalism Project Partner
  8. The FJP — The News Machine Remember Operator, the game…
  9. COLORS #86 Launches at the International Journalism Festival | Blog | COLORS Magazine
  10. An Absurdist News Ticker That's All Media, No Message | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
  11. ScribeMedia.org – The Business, Technology and Culture of Digital Media
  12. Chikodi Chima
  13. &avigating media
  14. On (Un)organized Consumption | Writing Through the Fog
  15. Fighting Information Overload With The Impending Doom Engine — Life Hacks — Medium
  16. Joshua Nguyen

CMC since '72; compulsively tech_doc Vajrayana geek see @hfx_ben and @ITGeek

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