Community and Ed Tech 25MAY2013

  1. Should Local Government Be Run Like Silicon Valley?
  2. The Perfect Storm of Open Access – Slaw
  3. Exploring a paper seeing a longstanding scientific consensus on hum…
  4. Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations and documents
  5. Engaging Students Before They Drop Out | Teach Amazing!
  6. –  Videos & Audios
  8. Delib – a digital democracy company
  9. Open Data Solutions for Government Innovation | Socrata Inc.
  10. What Lies Beneath: The Foundations of Motivation in the Age of Social Media – YouTube
  11. Community engagement and mobilisation: critique of a public dialogue day | ESRC | The Economic and Social Research Council
  12. Of circles, communities and serendipitous discovery.
  13. Development projects – Arts & Humanities Research Council
  14. Bristol University | News from the University | University of Bristol Law School
  15. ProConIt
  16. US/Iraq – ProconIt
  17. Should the US have attacked Iraq? – US – Iraq War –
  18. Developing the toolkit… – Global Sensemaking
  19. Cohere >>> make the connection
  20. Personalization & Adaptivity
  21. Project “Cockpit” – “Cockpit is a server manager that makes it easy to administer your GNU/Linux servers via a web browser.”
  22. Sadly, the other Cockpit Project ( seems to have disappeared; it was a system to facilitate citizen engagement with government services. Alas!
    I had bookmarked “” and was following that with great interest
  23. Thoughts on liberal-conservative dialogue | Campaign for Stronger Democracy

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