Civics 21NOV2013 1

  1. A global view of open government | Public Leaders Network | Guardian Professional
  2. Public Leaders Network | The Guardian
  3. 'We need to bring people together on transparency' – video | Public Leaders Network |
  4. Civil Society – Global Partnership for Social Accountability
  5. We Heart Developers | Bang The Table
  6. What's Under the Hood of Google's New Civic Information Offering – Sunlight Foundation Blog
  7. Une collaboration internationale pour la promotion du Gouvernement ouvert | E-Gouv Québec
  8. City of Edmonton – 2013 Citizen Survey – Civic Services and Budget
  9. • Q&A With James O’Shea: Lessons From the Chicago News Cooperative
  10. Unseating the Giant: Amazon, Inkling, and the rise of a new product model
  11. The Future of News from 3 Silicon Valley Executives | The Dish Daily
  12. Mashable’s Jim Roberts on Storytelling, Social Media, Buzzfeed and News Cycles | InkHouse

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