Civics 21NOV2013 2

  1. INCOMA (What kind of society do we want to live in?)
  2. Incoma Project
  3. Robert Gnaizda – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. Greenlining Institute – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. The Greenlining Institute | Racial Justice Policy and Advocacy
  6. Mission & History | Public Advocates Inc.
  7. Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice – YouTube
  8. The project | Figaro Project
  9. CIPE Overseas Report
  10. Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice
  11. The CDD Mission — Center for Democratic Deliberation
  12. Democracy Watch
  13. Limited Government, Economic Freedom, Growth Economy
  14. Can international civil society organizations be nimble? | Wait… What?
  15. Riding the wave of disruption? | Wait… What?
  16. What Nonprofits Should Know About Next Generation Fundraisers | Daniel Melbye
  17. How To Start An Online Business: Sponsored by Media Temple
  18. Product Resources | Citrix Online
  19. A Vision for a Democratic Future – Occupy.Net wiki
  20. The hard road from reform to implementation
  21. How Close Is Your Government to Its People? | Local Democracy Community of Practice
  22. Sharing fast and slow: The psychological connection between how we think and how we spread news on social media » Nieman Journalism Lab
  23. Politics news, opinion, analysis, photos and video – PolicyMic
  24. 2013 American Values Survey: In Search of Libertarians in America
  25. Pascal Lamy and Ian Goldin propose mechanisms for improving global governance and cooperation. – Project Syndicate
  26. The Russell Tribunal on Palestine – The Movie – YouTube
  27. Council on Foreign Relations – YouTube
  28. An Anatomy of Truth: Conversations on Truth-telling – YouTube

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