Civics 30JAN2014 1

  1. Mythopedia
  2. Quartz Annotation
  3. Online Deliberative Decision Making | Kettering Foundation
  4. The Commons @ KF
  5. Ethics & Public Policy Center
  6. George Mason U | Institute for Humane Studies
  7. &ational Issues Forums: Home Page
  8. Imagining America | Artists & Scholars in Public Life
  9. Center for Institutional and Social Change — Site
  10. PUBLICAGENDA.ORG – Public Agenda Home Page
  11. Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future | Wilson Center
  12. Institute in the Community | The Panetta Institute for Public Policy
  13. Congressional Institute for the Future
  14. About us | OIDP
  15. Participation Now – OpenLearn – Open University
  16. Publics – Research programmes – Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance (CCIG) – Open University
  17. Citizen Budget – An interactive budget consultation for municipalities
  18. Open North | Online Tools for a Better Democracy
  19. / Accè
  20. CIPPIC (Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic) – Samuelson-Glushko
  21. World Resources Institute | Making Big Ideas Happen
  22. &ew Climate Economy | Commission on the Economy and Climate
  23. Ricardo Hausmann proposes an alternative approach to economic development based on how the human brain functions. – Project Syndicate
  24. Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues | Grassroots Economic Organizing
  25. Robert_Talisse_on_the_Importance_of_Argument_in_Politics.mp3
  26. AtTask Webinar on Vimeo
  27. WebHome < FMPlan < Future Melbourne Wiki
  28. Welcome to Lobbi | Lobbi – Your Voice Heard
  29. Michael Ahn, Public Policy and Public Affairs – McCormack Graduate School – University of Massachusetts Boston
  30. Strategy | Collabforge
  31. Transferring and Applying Critical Knowledge (Best Practices Report)
  32. Promoting participatory budgeting | Open Government Partnership
  33. The Century Foundation (TCF)
  34. The Deliberative Democracy Consortium
  35. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy – The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
  36. Asset Building Policy Network Resources | Asset Building Policy Network
  37. Transparency Is Overrated – Amitai Etzioni – The Atlantic
  38. Why Representative Democracies Can't Write Off Transparency – Alexander Furnas – The Atlantic
  39. List of groups –
  40. Center for Politics, University of Virginia
  41. Our Work – Prosocial Progress Foundation
  42. Andrew Clement | Faculty of Information
  43. A New Model for Defense Intelligence | Brookings Institution
  44. 20131120_defense_intelligence_transcript.pdf
  45. Columbia | SIPA | School of International and Public Affairs
  46. Canada in the 1990s: Speak loudly and carry a bent twig » Institute for Research on Public Policy
  47. Home – PolicyLink
  48. EconPapers: Peace Economics, Peace Science, and Public Policy
  49. Home | Building America's Future Educational Fund
  50. United States Institute of Peace
  51. Exploring eParticipation in the city of Cape Town | Bagui | The Journal of Community Informatics
  52. Empowering an informed public | LinkedIn
  53. Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies – European University Institute
  54. Local Government Is the Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Economic Inequality
  55. — Mission to civilise #241
  56. — Mission to civilise #1051
  57. FutureGov | Service Design Role at FutureGov – POSITION CLOSED
  58. Using machine learning to extract quotes from text | The Center for Investigative Reporting
  59. Dominique Moisi on Democracy in Distress – Project Syndicate
  60. Participatory Budgeting Year in Review: Looking back to the future | The Governance Lab @ NYUThe Governance Lab @ NYU
  61. Humanity Online | Web-platform for Global Collective Action
  62. Are you our new Digital Humanities Developer? | Scholars' Lab
  63. Participatory Budgeting: North America Participation Metrics
  64. When Citizen Engagement Saves Lives (and what we can learn from it) | DemocracySpot
  65. Ghosts in Machines and a Snapshot of Scholarly Journal Publishing in Canada | Johanne Provençal | M/C Journal
  66. Three Ethics of Coalition | Ann Deslandes | M/C Journal
  67. Let’s Leave the Bias to the Mainstream Media: A Wikipedia Community Fighting for Information Neutrality | Randall M. Livingstone | M/C Journal
  68. The Politics of Open-Access Publishing: <i>M/C Journal</i>, Public Intellectualism, and Academic Discourses of Legitimacy | Peta Mitchell | M/C Journal
  69. M/C Journal: "Stigmergic Collaboration: The Evolution of Group Work"
  70. Can we create an 'Economy for the Common Good'? | Guardian Sustainable Business |
  71. Chris Hedges | The Last Gasp of American Democracy
  72. Index of /
  73. Berggruen Institute on Governance | Homepage
  74. PDD2014 | Participatory and Deliberative Democracy conference
  75. Forthcoming Major Revolution in Global Dialogue
  76. City of Markham – Engaging Citizens in the Budget Process…
  77. Stanford scholar: Global struggle continues for social justice, human rights
  78. Technique of the Week #001 | Participate's Blog
  79. Participate | Community engagement and consultation at its best
  80. The Town Crier | The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government
  81. The WELL: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2014
  82. Content Curation by Lucian Duma | ZEEF
  83. Manuhuia Barcham | Living a ‘good life’ – the importance of engaging with others
  84. Grieving the Space Between Us (video) | On Being
  85. The system is failing, hack the system | Social Enterprise Network | Guardian Professional
  86. Building a 40-Year Vision for Community Development |
  87. Digital Government Society

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