Civics 16MARCH2013

  1. How Readers Get to News Sites: Social, Search and Direct | Pew Research Center's Journalism Project
    "The most engaged visitors to a news site are those who went there directly, not referrals thru Facebook or search"
  2. Mahmoud Mohieldin and Grant James Cameron emphasize the importance of empirical evidence in designing the post-2015 development agenda. – Project Syndicate
  3. Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues | Grassroots Economic Organizing
  4. Community engagement and mobilisation: critique of a public dialogue day | ESRC | The Economic and Social Research Council
  5. CIPS | Centre for International Policy Studies | University of Ottawa
  6. Washington Policy Center | Sound public policy and market-based solutions
  7. World Policy Conference 2013
  8. Hypertext Book | UnderstandingSociety | Daniel Little
  9. Everyday Democracy
    Ideas and Tools for Community Change
  10. Debuting Truth Teller from the Washington Post; Real-time lie detection service at your service (not quite yet) – Knight Foundation
  11. EcoJustice Education – Home
  12. Environmental Decision Making and Participation
  13. Delib Australia
    "We help organisations engage their communities online"
  14. International Budget Partnership
  15. Victorian Government ICT Strategy
    The Victorian Government is making it easier for Victorians and businesses to use government services online.
  16. Decide » Discover Discuss Decide – Anglian Water
  17. Draw Me an Idea!
    Interactive mind map with ThingLink
  18. Data Visualization Software | Tom Sawyer Software Products
  19. MindMixer — Engage Your Community
  20. by MindMixer
  21. Social Physics | a new way of understanding human behavior based on analysis of Big Data
  22. The Social Science Dream Machine
  23. Community Voices; Heard Power
  24. ExpertChoice
    Collaboration and Decision Support Software for Groups & Organizations
  25. How to Make a News App in Two Days, as Told by Six People Who Tried It for the First Time – ProPublica
  26. Tools & Data – ProPublica
  27. The Obama Team’s Disclosure Documents
  28. Tire Tracker – ProPublica
  29. New applied rationality workshops (April, May, and July) – LessWrong
  30. NCDD Resource Center » Search Results » Core Principles for Public Engagement
  31. NCDD Resource Center » Core Principles for Public Engagement
  32. NCDD Resource Center » Debategraph
  33. Taxonomy of the Logical Fallacies
  34. How to Disagree
  35. Logical Fallacies: The Fallacy Files
  36. An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments
  37. Why We Argue (And How We Should)
  38. Metacademy
  39. Web Ontology Language – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  40. Social Media Management System
  41. All Party Groups, All Party Parliamentary Groups, Early Day Motions –
  42. Is working 'great' now? | PolitiFact
  44. Debategraph | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
  45. Open Knowledge Foundation Blog
  46. Debategraph ::: Planet Under Pressure
  47. PlatformDebategraph <
  48. PlatformDyingBees <
  49. WebHome <
  50. DebateGraph Reviews | edshelf
  51. Open to persuasion…
  52. Mapping the Contours of Thought… : Open to persuasion…
  53. Digital Agenda for Europe – European Commission
  54. DebateGraph US
  55. Post-2015: what comes after the Millennium Development Goals?
  56. Digital Agenda for Europe
  57. Debategraph Explorer
  58. Details view: Digital Agenda for Europe
  59. Why – Cynapse
  60. Deliberus – a tool for collaborative argumentation
  61. Sammanfattning – Google Drive
  62. Deliberus
  63. Sarepolis
  65. Liberty Forum | Online Library of Law and Liberty
  66. Constitutional Compromise and Classical Liberalism | Online Library of Law and Liberty
  67. Our Priorities: Democracy Fund

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