Civics 18MARCH2014

  1. Restoring equilibrium to the Web – Knight Foundation
  2. The Cockpit Project
    Citizens' Collaboration and Co-creation in Public Service Delivery
  3. Cognitive Edge Network
  4. How Readers Get to News Sites: Social, Search and Direct | Pew Research Center's Journalism Project
  5. Commission on Political Reform | Bipartisan Policy Center
  6. National Conversations on American Unity | Bipartisan Policy Center
  7. Community engagement and mobilisation: critique of a public dialogue day | ESRC | The Economic and Social Research Council
  8. Social Media For Nonprofits | Social Media For Nonprofits
  9. Ten Finalists of The Global Innovation Competition Revealed | Making All Voices Count
  10. Creating a metric for news apps
  11. Future Digital – Strengthening democracy, transforming engagement
  12. Citizen participation in municipal budgeting: Origins, practices, impact Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center
  13. Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
  14. What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong |
  15. Are We Thinking About Digital All Wrong? | Smashing Magazine
  17. Inside the Business of Journalism – Don Graham on C-Notes | OZY
  18. Holy cassette tape! Boston records trapped in the '80s | BetaBoston
  19. 31-3.8 – Journalism will survive – but you might not recognise it – One Man and His Blog
  20. Creating a metric for news apps
  21. Survey of nearly a thousand web pages looks at interactive features for news » Nieman Journalism Lab
  22. Engaging News Project | Engaging Online Audiences
  23. News Site Analysis – Engaging News Project
  24. "The Demise of the Public Hearing"
    The Demise of the Public Hearing; Technology is changing the way citizens interact with local government.
  25. Face the Facts USA
    Are you ready to face the facts and help change the conversation?
  26. Weighing America's Tough Budget Choices | Face the Facts USA
  27. We Like Thoughtful Conservatives (and How Technology Can Improve News) | Brookings Institution
  28. Nudging News Producers and Consumers Toward More Thoughtful, Less Polarized Discourse | Brookings Institution
  29. If you want to learn to build the web, start by building your community | Knight Lab | Northwestern University
  30. Public Service Project: Nonpartisanship and the need for Civil Discourse | The Institute of Politics at Harvard University
  31. Why Bother? Engaging Texans in Democracy Today | Moody College of Communication
  32. Natalie Jomini Stroud | Communication Studies
  33. Tuning in to politics « Know
  34. The Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life | Moody College of Communication
  35. In Brazil, a group of reporters is trying to build an independent platform for in-depth content » Nieman Journalism Lab
  36. A Vision for a Democratic Future – Occupy.Net wiki
  37. Deliberative Democracy Hub | The blog of the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group at PSA
  38. Intersection | creative strategies for social good
  39. Structural Revolution and the Social Sector | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  40. Collaboration | Tags | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  41. Our Work : The Rockefeller Foundation
  42. The Informal City Dialogues
  43. IFTF: Home
  44. Action for a sustainable world | Forum for the Future
  45. Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research

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