Evidence Based Policy (Ostrom) 11AUG2012

  1. ostrom community – Google Search
  2. Google Scholar – +ostrom +community economics
  3. An interview with Elinor Ostrom | Resilience Science
  4. UnderstandingSociety: Ostrom's central idea
  5. Mourning An Uncommon Student of the Commons « Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy
  6. Only woman to get Nobel Prize for economics dies | iPolitics
  7. UnderstandingSociety
  8. We Don't Need to Sacrifice Social Justice for Good Economic Performance contributed by Dr Adnan Al-Daini on Government in The Lab
  9. The Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy
  10. Against evidence-based policy-making | | Independent Battle of Ideas Blogs
  11. Battle of Ideas | Battles on Video
  12. Institute of Ideas | Claire Fox
  13. Hypertext Book | UnderstandingSociety | Daniel Little
  14. Philosophy Talk
  15. Robert Koehler: Progressive Morality
  16. evidence based policy – Bad Science
  17. Search – Australian Productivity Commission
  18. Evidence-based policy-making: What is it? How do we get it? – Australian Productivity Commission
  19. Evidence-Based Policy in Development Network

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