Participation; links heaped on 16SEP2013

  1. Suppliers | Open Government Partnership
  2. Keeping in Sync as We Open Up | Open Government Partnership Blog
  3. Participate Virtually | OKCon – Open Knowledge Conference
  4. The Participatory Budgeting Project | Empowering Communities and Deepening Democracy
  5. E-Participatory Budgeting in San Francisco
  6. Social Good Summit | UNDP
  7. Trial for streamlined planning guidance >
  8. Public Interest Alberta | Advocating for a Better Alberta for All
  9. Pathways through Participation
  10. UN-HABITAT.:. Home
  11. “sustainable engagement: – Google Search
  12. CVHP Community Voices Heard Power
  13. The Librarian as Practitioner/Researcher: A Discussion | Horowitz | Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  14. Children Display Seven Distinct Roles When Searching Online at Home | Wakimoto | Evidence Based Library and Information Practice
  15. Learning Service – University of Alberta
  16. Participate | Community engagement and consultation at its best
  17. Welcome to Participedia | Participedia
  18. Digital Diplomacy
  19. Découvrez la plateforme “Parlement & Citoyens” | Démocratie Participative
  20. Making All Voices Count – A Grand Challenge For Web Development
  21. Common Sense in Life: Is Twitter losing it?
  22. openAid
  23. Citizen Smith – ParticipateUK
  24. Twyfords – Specialists in Collaboration

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