C-51 … Harper’s conservatives revert RCMP to days of SA’ s BOSS

NB: Canadian Anti-terrorism Law; comprehensive (forensic?) analysis by Craig Forcese (professor teaching national security law at the University of Ottawa; participant in the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society) and Kent Roach (University of Toronto law faculty; worked with both the Arar and Air India commissions).
see also Bill C-51 Backgrounder #1: The New Advocating or Promoting Terrorism Offence by Kent Roach, Craig Forcese :: SSRN, and on Forcese’s National Security Law Blog, this: On Polemics and Substance in Bill C-51 Antiterrorism Act

  1. +c-51 analysis anti-terrorism antiterrorism legislation – Google Search
  2. Canada's Proposed Antiterrorism Act | An Assessment; CDNAantiTerrorismLawAudit
  3. Michael Geist’s antiterrorism act Archives
  4. Tweets: #antiterrorism hashtag
  5. New terror laws must respect Canadians fundamental rights; CanadianProgressiveWorld
  6. (39) State Security and Elite Capture: The Implementation of Antiterrorist Legislation in India (co-authored with Adnan Naseemullah) | Manoj Mate at Academia.edu
  7. Expert says new powers for CSIS a worry; LeaderPost
  8. Remarks by Justin Trudeau on the Anti-terrorism Act | Carolyn Bennett
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  10. Irwin Cotler: Debate on Bill C-51 (Anti-Terrorism Act 2015)
  11. Contentious Anti-Terror Legislation: Bill C-51 and its Sociopolitical Implications; McGill International Review
  12. The Tyee: “With Anti-Terrorism Act, Tories again Fail to Protect Canadians”
  13. Dear Megan Leslie’s (NDP MP) speech on the anti-terrorism act
  14. PolicyOptions at IRPP: We need to have an adult conversation about security and Analysis of Gov’t Antiterrorism Act; OPC Concerned
  15. ‘Anti-petroleum’ movement a growing security threat to Canada, RCMP say – The Globe and Mail
  16. Kenney rejects call to increase oversight of national-security agencies – The Globe and Mail
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