Main – 24 March, 2016

  1. Communicating Data to Drive Change | Stanford Social Innovation Review
  2. Foreign Policy Research Institute
  3. The Rhino Den’s Kerry Patton has a call to… – Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel
  4. Belgium Attacks: “Sit And Wait” – | @TheRhinoDen | Home Of All Things Military
  5. Main Sit
  6. Preview: Cornel West – CBS News
  7. Slavoj Žižek: Why ‘Political Correctness’ Gets In Its Own Way | Big Think
  8. Are You a Psychopath? Take the Test. | Big Think
  9. Dan Harris: Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode With Meditation | Big Think
  10. 2 Times Steve Jobs Beat the Odds by Using a Forgotten Communication Tool | Big Think
  11. How Social Media is Polarizing Us | Big Think
  12. Big Think | Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world’s leading experts
  13. Self-Compassion: The Often Missing Ingredient in Healthy Eating – Mindful
  14. Inside Edge Fielding | FanGraphs Sabermetrics Library
  15. Why the Republican establishment is actually winning – The Washington Post
  16. Leveraging American Ingenuity through Reusable and Open Source Software |
  17. This mind-boggling study shows just how massive sea level rise really is – The Washington Post
  18. Why Can’t “I” Be Happy? — Matthieu Ricard – Lion’s Roar
  19. Dru Wynings
  20. Top Stories and Breaking News from
  21. The Open Mind, Hosted by Alexander Heffner
  22. The Army Has Lost The Art Of Leadership
  23. Politics – Videos on the People, Issues, and Ideas Changing the World –
  24. Home – Pulse Pledge
  25. When it rains, it pours | Retro Reporter
  26. – Once you understand your personality it’s easy to…
  27. Shambhala – Vision, Lineage, Meditation, Community
  28. Apodeictic dictionary definition | apodeictic defined
  29. 3DownNation
  30. MLB Offense Visualized As Contact Vs. Power
  31. Bear Walk Exercise-shoulder STRENGTH LIKE A BEAR!! – YouTube
  32. Learn How To Propertly Do The Bear Walk Exercise
  33. SlitherineGames – YouTube
  34. Kodo – Spirit of Taiko – YouTube
  35. jojo flores – YouTube
  36. Matthew and the Atlas – Fisherman’s Wife [Full Song] – YouTube
  37. Amitabha Buddha Thangka Medium Plus- High Quality Brocade
  38. Booming Tree on Video
  39. Deborah B. – Edmonton Drum Circle (Edmonton, AB) – Meetup
  40. Here’s how to fix America’s crumbling bridges
  41. Mining for metals in society’s waste
  42. Can drinking water be delivered without disinfectants like chlorine and still be safe?
  43. Evolution of moral outrage: I’ll punish your bad behavior to make me look good
  44. Charlie Rose |
  45. John Kasich, Mainstream Republicans’ Last Hope – The New Yorker
  46. The Great Divide – The New Yorker
  47. After the Fact – The New Yorker
  48. How to Beat Writer’s Block – The New Yorker
  49. CBC News The National: Rex Murphy : Archives
  50. CBC News – The National – Rex Murphy
  51. Being Pure: The Practice of Vajrasattva – – Bodhicharya
  52. Heart Wisdom – Complete Set – – Bodhicharya
  53. Supermassive black holes could be a source of mysterious cosmic rays
  54. Acceleration of petaelectronvolt protons in the Galactic Centre : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
  55. Democratic Transitions

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