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Main – 24 March, 2016

Communicating Data to Drive Change | Stanford Social Innovation Review Foreign Policy Research Institute The Rhino Den’s Kerry Patton has a call to… – Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel Belgium Attacks: “Sit And Wait” – | @TheRhinoDen | Home

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Local Govt Network 8May2013

Involve – Google+ Simon Burall – Google+ Publications | Involve Local government network | Guardian Professional | Local Government Network | The Guardian We must forge new partnerships to take government to where the people are | Local Government Network

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The Problem With Social Collaboration On IT Projects

“The Problem With Social Collaboration On IT Projects” – Global-cio and Executive insights/interviews – Informationweek.NB: hereunder is an edited / cut-down version of the full post. –bdt “Socialize” is one of the über-buzzwords of the day. To socialize an intention

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Transliterature, A Humanist Design

This work derives from a simple question we asked long ago: “How can computer documents– shown interactively on screens, stored on disk, transmitted electronically– improve on paper?” Our answer was: “Keep every quotation connected to its original source.” We are

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Where is the sweet spot for monetization?

I’ve been sighted on this niche for many, many years. “Advertisers are increasingly looking for targeted ad programs that reach specific groups, and the reality is that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and web-native publishers are seen as

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