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ProCon Analogs

ProCon Analogs Dispute Finder – Rob Ennals Rob Ennals robennals's think-link at master – GitHub Rob Ennals – YouTube Dispute Finder Demo Video – YouTube Think Link Demo Video – YouTube Dispute Finder Video from 2010 Intel Labs Berkeley Open

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Evidence Based Medicine; link heap from NOV2007

Evidence-Based Medicine – About Edge – The World Question Center 2007 Center for Evidence-based Medicine – CEBM Critical Appraisal Skills Programme – CASP – evidence-based medicine Health Information Research Unit – HIRU The Cochrane Collaboration Centre for Health Evidence

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Participation; links heaped on 1OCT2013

Challenges to Democracy A public dialogue in honor of the 10th anniversary of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and InnovationChallenges to Democracy The Demise of the Public Hearing Daily News Talks: Ken Pereira Simon Keller, “Partiality” (Princeton UP, 2013)

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Participation; links heaped on 16SEP2013

Suppliers | Open Government Partnership Keeping in Sync as We Open Up | Open Government Partnership Blog Participate Virtually | OKCon – Open Knowledge Conference The Participatory Budgeting Project | Empowering Communities and Deepening Democracy E-Participatory Budgeting in San Francisco

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Evidence Based Policy (Ostrom) 11AUG2012

ostrom community – Google Search Google Scholar – +ostrom +community economics An interview with Elinor Ostrom | Resilience Science UnderstandingSociety: Ostrom's central idea Mourning An Uncommon Student of the Commons « Legal Planet: Environmental Law and Policy Only woman to

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E Engagement 11MAY2012

Connectivism Dialogos "Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together" – Google Search Portals and KM: The Rise of Mass Collaborative Decision Making vs. Top Down Direction Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together, A Pioneering Approach to Communicating in Business

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Civics 18MARCH2014

Restoring equilibrium to the Web – Knight Foundation The Cockpit Project Citizens' Collaboration and Co-creation in Public Service Delivery Cognitive Edge Network How Readers Get to News Sites: Social, Search and Direct | Pew Research Center's Journalism Project Commission on

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