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Main – 24 March, 2016

Communicating Data to Drive Change | Stanford Social Innovation Review Foreign Policy Research Institute The Rhino Den’s Kerry Patton has a call to… – Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel Belgium Attacks: “Sit And Wait” – | @TheRhinoDen | Home

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Pulblic Statement on New US National Security Strategy; “‘Compass’ Through Shifting Security Landscape”

White House Says Obama’s New National Security Strategy a ‘Compass’ Through ‘Shifting Security Landscape’ – Defense One. Obama’s Critics – and Some Supporters – Ask ‘What National Security Strategy?’ – NBC Obama’s national security strategy: can he halt years

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Reading Now 1SEP2012

Right Now The worst case against the Obama administration Blogs – Marginal Utility – The New Inquiry Mapping The Future Of Education Technology | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation The Truth About Honesty and Dishonesty – Forbes Umair Haque

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Reading various social (20AUG2012)

Reading 20AUG2012 1 Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions? | Video on William K. Black: Romney Takes His Political Inspiration From Europe’s Worst Mistakes Bob Cesca: Debunking Romney’s Viral Medicare Lie Steve’s XeeMe Writers

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Reading now 10AUG2012

Automatic Drive: How Unconscious Cognitive Biases Help Fire Our Motivation — PsyBlog How (not) to defend entrenched inequality — Crooked Timber Bob Cesca: The Biggest Mitt Romney Lie (So Far) Texas Death Penalty Enforced Based On Outdated Methods Inspired By

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Reading 30July2012

Dr. Charles G. Cogan: “Chess Is the Way We Establish Mastery Over the West” syria-reporters Craig Crawford: Fire Tim Geithner Robert Reich: The Man Who Invented ‘Too Big to Fail’ Banks Finally Recants. Will Obama or Romney Follow? New York

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Reading 24JULY2012

Good economy, bad economy: Both candidates are right | Robert Reich: The Problem Isn’t Outsourcing. It’s That Big Business Is Disconnected From the Well-Being of Most Americans 110. Just say “Oh” « One Time, One Meeting Darren Littlejohn: Mass

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